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What we do

Exceptional car rental alternative

We provide unique driving experiences for people who enjoy cars. Too many car rental companies provide bland, uninspiring vehicles, and impersonal service. We view you car and our services as central to your Newport Beach visit, and we strive for you to have a an exceptional driving adventure and a memorable trip. When you choose a car from us instead of a rental car, you can expect:

  • A top class car
  • Detailed cleaning of each car before every pickup
  • Boutique experience
  • Personal Concierge
  • Local knowledge
  • Full Service
  • Delivery / Retrieval available
  • Pride in car ownership
  • App based management of all aspects of your booking on your phone
  • Touchless payments


All cars are delivered freshly washed, and with a detailed and sanitized interior. 


We are here for all of your trip needs - and you deal directly with us from the moment your booking starts. 

Driving Experience

All of our cars are high end sports / luxury vehicles - uniquely suited for creating an unforgettable Southern California driving experience. 

Who we are

Newport Beach residents and car enthusiasts

We love cars and we love to travel. The vehicle you drive can change the entire feel of a trip, but too often, the selection at car rental companies has been very limited. Because of that, we have assembled a collection of some of our favorite vehicles to share with visitors and locals. Each vehicle has been hand-picked to provide the optimal Southern California experience and a stress free journey. If you are looking for a car rental in Newport Beach, look no further.

Booking with us will give you a personal experience with a car that we maintain to the highest standards. We are (almost) always available for any questions or concerns you may have during your outing, and if you need any recommendations for things to do around Newport Beach, we are happy to help with that as well.

We believe in friendliness, kindness, and going the extra mile - and we offer more than just a rental car. Our idea of customer service is to give guests the kind of experience we would like to receive ourselves - and we are picky! 

Take a look at our reviews to see why we are the best car rental Newport Beach alternative, and then book with confidence.


What is car sharing?

Car sharing is private vehicles made available to guests on an online marketplace and a great alternative to car rentals. Each car is individually owned by a host, and you reserve a specific car rather than a category of car. All transactions are handled through the marketplace, but your interaction is with the individual hosts. Car sharing is commonly referred to as "the Airbnb of cars".

How is car sharing different from car rental?

Traditionally, when you rent a car from a car rental company, you rent directly from a commercial enterprise and the car you rent is based on vague category guidelines. When you arrive, you get assigned a car in the chosen category (if one is available). With car sharing, you select the exact car you want to drive at the time of booking. The vehicles are owned by private individuals, who have a vested interest in keeping them in great shape and deliver a top notch experience for every guest. You are able to select from a very large pool of vehicles - each with complete details and pictures of the car.

With car rental companies, you get your rent a car at their office locations, but with car sharing, the vehicles are typically located at the host's home address. This means you often can reserve a vehicle in a specific area. Many car sharing hosts also offer delivery and pickup of the vehicle. Newport Car Sharing delivers to most hotels as well as residential addresses in Newport Beach and surrounding cities. Take a look at our Service Area page for more info.

Is car sharing better than car rental, and will it save the world?

Obviously, we think car sharing is a better option than car rentals in Newport Beach. But other than the better overall experience, car sharing is also good for the environment. The vast majority of the world's vehicles sit idle for large periods of time. This is inefficient use of resources. When you choose to rent a car from a traditional car rental, you are driving cars that were produced as additions to the world's car inventory. If we shift to car sharing instead of car rental, we can eliminate hundreds of thousands of cars. That lowers carbon footprints and reduces toxic waste. 

How do I reserve a car?

Unlike with traditional car rental, with car sharing you get to select the exact car you want to drive. If you would like to reserve a car from our collection, click on any of the listings above to go to the car's booking page. From there, you can click on Book It to be taken to our spot on the Turo marketplace, where you will be able to see further details and reserve the vehicle.

What can I expect when I receive my car?

Within 24 hours of your pick up date, we will send you detailed information on where to find the car, how to access it, and pertinent information about the specific vehicle.

At the scheduled time, your car will be waiting for you in the location you selected. You can expect to find a freshly washed, cleaned, sanitized, and filled up vehicle in excellent condition. We take detailed pre-trip photos before each trip, and the photos will have been uploaded to your trip page in the Cloud. Depending on if you opted for a contactless handover or not, you will either access the car via your phone, or meet us in person to receive the keys.

What should I look for in a car sharing host?

Car sharing is new to many, but a few hosts have been around longer than most. Some hosts have a more casual style whereas others offer a more professional approach. For the best experience, you want to make sure you book from an established host with a history of good reviews and high ratings. Newport Car Sharing has been around longer than most other local hosts, and our service and commitment to customer service has earned us a solid following among Newport Beach visitors and locals.  Take a look at what previous guests have said about us here.

Can I rent a car directly from you?

No, we are not a rental car company and we are not able to rent directly to guests. We make our vehicles available for car sharing exclusively on the Turo marketplace, and all reservations and transactions are handled via the marketplace. This keeps both you safe, your transactions secure, and gives you the peace of mind of having a large commercial network backing your reservation. As your trip hosts, we are available to answer questions, assist with most aspects of your trip, and you will deal directly with us for the pickup and return of your vehicle. We have been sharing cars longer than most in the area, and have maintained a top tier rating on the Turo platform. This makes us the #1 alternative to car rental in Newport Beach!

What is Turo?

Turo is our exclusive booking partner and the world's largest car sharing marketplace. They are partially owned and backed (in the US) by Liberty Mutual. Turo makes vehicles from individual hosts available on an online marketplace, and they supply the infrastructure and support for all trips and transactions on the marketplace. You can find more information about them here or reach them by phone at (415) 965-4525.

How do I sign up for Turo?

Signing up to rent cars on Turo is a quick and easy process. If you book any of our vehicles, you will be automatically redirected to the Turo marketplace, and given the option to sign up as part of the process. If you would like to sign up in advance, you can do so directly with Turo here.

What do I need to sign up for Turo?

In order to create an account, you will need:

Any ONE of the following:

  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Apple ID
  • personal email address

A phone number tied to a text-enabled mobile phone in your name

In order to get approved to drive, Turo will ask you to supply the following:

  • A profile photo
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Drivers license
  • Physical address

What about Insurance?

Similar to how car rental companies offer insurance, Turo offers optional protection plans for guests. In most cases, you do not need to have existing insurance in order to reserve a vehicle on the Turo marketplace (but if you don't have existing insurance, you will be required to choose a protection plan). Which protection plan to select is an individual choice, but be aware that since car sharing is different from car rental, your existing auto insurance may not cover your trip. Check with your provider to find out if you are covered. Additionally, rental car coverage from most credit card companies will not apply to car sharing trips. When in doubt, always check with your insurer or credit card company before deciding on the protection plan option for your trip.  More information on insurance and Turo trips can be found here.

How do I pay you?

In short - you don't. All financial transactions are handled by Turo. Guests pay Turo directly for their trips (usually with a credit card) and hosts get paid separately by Turo. 

What is carrentalnewportbeach.com?

Carrentalnewportbeach.com is the web presence for Newport Car Sharing - the #1 Car Rental alternative in Newport Beach. To learn more about who we are, take a look here.

Where is Newport Car Sharing located?

We are located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. Our car sharing location is close to the iconic Pacific Coast Highway in the northern part of Newport Beach. We are also airport close. About 5 miles from the SNA / John Wayne airport and 35 miles from Los Angeles airport (LAX).

To keep our cars and neighbors secure, we don't disclose the exact location of your car until your booking has been completed. Feel free to contact us for more details. 

Do you offer one way service?

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer one way service to destinations outside of our local Service Area. But if you want to do a "one way" between your hotel and the SNA airport, that's no problem at all. We can pick your vehicle up from the SNA airport, your hotel, or anywhere else in the local area.

We bring innovation to Newport Beach

For too long, the car rental industry has remained stagnant. Vehicle choices for  Newport Beach car rentals have been limited and uninspiring, and quality has often suffered. At Newport Car Sharing we want to change that. We know you are used to car rentals and that old habits are hard to change. But we challenge you to not get a car rental in Newport Beach this time. Instead, try something new and better.

With our car selection and personal service, we bring excitement and excellence back into the trip experience for people who are looking for car rental in . So don't rent this time. Share instead.

If you are looking for a car in Newport Beach, give us a try - we think you'll be glad you did!

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders or gender identifications, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, and social status. Our goal is to give you an excellent experience in a great car. Cars don't differentiate between who drives them, and neither do we. We want you to have a spectacular time while visiting Newport Beach, and that starts with us and your experience with Newport Car Sharing. 

Newport Car Sharing benefits

There are many advantages to booking with us instead of other Newport Beach car rentals. Here are a few more:

Drive like a Newport Beach local

When you book with Newport Car Sharing, you will drive a local vehicle with local license plates. There won't be anything that screams Rental Car - unlike most car rentals in Newport Beach 

Contactless pick up and drop-off

With Newport Car Sharing, you can pick up and drop off most of our vehicles in Newport Beach without any human contact at all. You unlock the car with your phone and there will be a fully sanitized key waiting for you inside. And when it comes time to drop off, you leave the key in the car and lock the it with your phone. Of course, if you prefer, we will be happy to meet you in person as well. That's much easier and safer than a rental car!

Opt for delivery

Delivery is available for most bookings with Newport Car Sharing - and in many cases it's free. We deliver to most local hotels and addresses in the surrounding cities. We'll also come and get the vehicle again when you are done. There are many car rentals in Newport Beach, but few that offer that kind of service!

Control your reservation on your phone

With Newport Car Sharing, you will use the Turo app to control all aspects of your booking and you will have direct contact to us with the messaging feature at all times. You can make changes to your reservation from within the app and even use the app to locate your vehicle. You won't find that in Newport Beach rental cars.

Have you been to Newport Beach?

If not, then you are in for a treat. We have lived here for the past 30 years, and we still love Newport Beach and everything it has to offer. It is truly a little slice of heaven, with few (if any) places like it across the globe.


Different sources use different classifications for the climate in Newport Beach, but we think it compares well to what most people think of as sub-tropical or Mediterranean climate. Really all you need to know is that it always seems to be nice in Newport Beach. The winters are relatively warm and it's not unusual to have periods with great beach weather during the winter (but bring a heavy jacket, because it can get all the way down to freezing on the coldest nights). It's rare to see winter days under 60 degrees F (app. 16C).

The summers are pleasant as well and offer the quintessential California experience. Temperatures can occasionally peak into the high 80s and low 90s (meaning into the 30s in C), but mostly, they stay pleasantly in the 70s and low 80s (the 20Cs). We don't get a whole lot of rain here (unless you happen to visit in an El Ninjo year and get here during a rainy week), so convertibles are in fashion year round. 

Water and Sand

The beaches in Newport are spectacular in their own right. They are very much Pacific beaches, with sand a little on the coarse side and an ocean that stays quite cool throughout the year. Surfing is popular here (we neighbor the world famous "Surf City" - Huntington Beach), as is boating. The Newport Beach harbor is one of the largest leisure marinas in the world, and a cruise around the harbor is a great way to see Newport Beach and relax at the same time.

Beach equipment rental is available at many places along the Newport Beach boardwalk and include anything from beach chair rental and umbrella rental to electric bike rental and surf board rental.


You can't come to Newport Beach without visiting Fashion Island - the upscale outdoor mall in the center of the city. You'll find the finest stores and Newport Beach high society everywhere - often shopping with their dogs in tow. Even the parking lots are spectacles, with some of the most exotic and exclusive vehicles parked side by side.


Yoga studios are on every street corner in Newport Beach, and you will find that people are generally very fitness minded and health conscious. Jogging along the beach or the picturesque Newport Beach Back Bay are high on most residents list of favorite ways to exercise, but hiking in the giant Crystal Cove Nature Park - just south of Newport Beach, towards Laguna Beach - is also a must. And if you are a biker (the human powered kind), there are endless opportunities in and around Newport Beach.


Newport Beach offers world class dining almost anywhere you go. Restaurants are abundant, and although some of them are pricey (like most things in Newport Beach), many offer spectacular experiences. Among our personal favorites are:

  • Gulfstream (Newport Beach)
  • Flyin' Fish (by the Newport Beach Pier)
  • Bungalow (for steaks in Corona del Mar)
  • Billy's by the Beach (on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach)
  • Muldoon's (best Irish Pub with excellent food - in Fashion Island - Newport Beach)

Feel free to ask us for other recommendations to suit your flavor profile and budget for the day.


What they say

Nicholas M

August 2020

"Wonderful experience. The car was great. It was clean, had a full tank and ran well. I had no issues. Henrik was also a great host. When I arrived (a few minutes early), he was putting the finishing touches on disinfecting the interior, which greatly appreciate in these trying times. I definitely would rent the car again

Jing Z

February 2020

"My first ... experience with Henrik and his BMW was AMAZING!! The car was very clean and in great condition. Henrik was very generous when I asked to have the car returned at a different location. Everything was explained in detail and options very open. I had a fantastic experience and would definitely love to work together again with Henrik in the future when I return to California. Highly recommended, great people great car! Thank you very much!"



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Slightly older luxury cars with tremendous value. 


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Our newest and most exlusive cars. for the ultimate experience!

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